Aloha! Welcome to Anahata Yoga!small buddah statue

I am passionate about yoga because its practice has enabled me to function at a higher level of health and feel a far greater sense of ease. I teach yoga because I like to write essay for me help people overcome their health issues and experience the joys of true health in a body which feels great.

Yoga incorporates as many as several thousand exercises. However, yoga is not only for athletes and performers, nor is it meant to be a competition for getting into deep poses or about attaining maximum flexibility. Yoga is for everyone and it must be individualized. When appropriate poses are practiced properly, they have a healthful effect on the body and psyche, imparting pleasure and ease throughout. How much awareness we invest in what we do is of utmost importance—it’s a healthful practice we can enjoy with increasing success.

“Anahata” is a Sanskrit word representing the consciousness of love, empathy, selflessness and devotion. It is often associated with the heart. To me, this is the perfect expression of what yoga is about.

Annette DavidssonI am experienced in and incorporate some elements of:
• Ashtanga Yoga
• Vinyasa Yoga
• Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga
• Hatha Yoga
• Hot Yoga
• Iyengar Yoga
• Tri Yoga
• Mindfulness

I work with groups in classes and with individuals one-on-one. I guide students through yoga poses that are suited to the individual’s condition and abilities in an anatomically sound way in accordance with each student’s mind-body needs. My aim is for everyone to have a good, health-promoting experience.