AnnetteSince my teen years I have been very health-conscious. In 1988 I learned about yoga; however, I was unable to find a local teacher in my native country, Sweden. I began a regular practice of yoga in 1998. Major gut dysfunction (Crohn’s disease) and fatigue challenges prompted me to delve more best paper writing service deeply into natural healing. Finally, in 2005 I came across a book by Dr. David Klein (my future and now husband) titled Self healing Colitis & Crohn’s (click here to purchase). Via yoga and other healthful living practices including adopting a raw fruit-based diet as taught in the book, I was able to overcome the illness, experience a far greater level of health and find the deep inner body wisdom and knowledge of life I had been seeking.Inspired to become dissertations help a yoga teacher, I studied at Misa Yoga in Copenhagen from 2004 to 2007, receiving a diploma for studies in Anatomy and Physiology. Beginning in 2007 I taught various yoga classes at Novo Nordisk, Codan, Fysiq, Well Club, Urgan Fitness, AOF, DOF, Young Yogis, Copenhagen Municipality Health Department and Fitness World. I also taught yoga at Living Vital’s Detoxweeks retreat in Norway. I am also a Thai Massage practitioner as well as a certified Manning Inspire Life Coach.Each summer from 2008 till 2011 I co-conducted Fresh Food Festivals ( in Denmark, teaching yoga. In 2010 I co-conducted a Fruit Retreat ( in Thailand, where I also held yoga classes.In 2012 I received a yoga teaching certification from Sadie Nardini ( Ms. Nardini trains teachers in “Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga”—a new paradigm of yoga which adds core strengthening tools including Hatha Yoga techniques to teachers’ programs. I strongly resonate with this because core strengthening is a most important key for students of all levels; I use it as my teaching basis because it establishes easy, pain-free practice and yields quick, enjoyable and lasting results. Focusing on core strengthening exercises (primarily for the spine and its surrounding muscles) along with deep belly breathing is much more beneficial than merely focusing on limb stretching and tedious forced poses. The core activation exercises are designed to release tension from the outer superficial body and re-activate the inner body muscles to support the spine and joints from the inside out, instead of pressurizing them from the outside in. This process makes one’s poses stronger, yet lighter, enhancing the flow of our Life Force. This in turn promotes healing and overall health rejuvenation, making us more energetic, youthful and alive. With a well-developed core and a new wonderful sense of ease and vitality, we naturally want to maintain yoga as a regular, lifelong health flowerI now reside on the island of Maui in the island chain of Hawaii with my husband Dr. David Klein who directs the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center and authored his Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s book. I teach classes for groups and individuals in the north shore region of Maui, Hawaii. I produced a DVD titled “Yoga for Digestion Perfection.” Please visit and order at Also please check out and follow my Annette’s Anahata Yoga Channel here: yogic experience is a blessing which I give thanks for every day. I am happy and honored to share this discipline with you and wish you vibrant health, inner peace and happiness.