Yoga for Digestion Perfection DVD



Yoga for Digestion Perfection with Annette Davidsson

Yogini Annette Davidsson is a hugely popular teacher of a gentle, enjoyable, personalized style of yoga designed to improve your physical alignment and strength, and to enhance the flow of your bodily energies, for optimum health and peak daily performance in all you do. This DVD focuses on digestive energy, demonstrating many comfortable poses and exercises that produce remarkable results in every aspect of your digestive and bowel health. If you are suffering with weak digestive and bowel energy marked by indigestion, malabsorption, sluggish evacuation, hernia, prolapses, strictures, inflammatory bowel disease (such as colitis, Crohn’s and gastritis), ulcers, acid reflux, etc., this 45-minute DVD is for you.

Since 2005, yogic practices and her raw vegan diet have enabled Annette to completely overcome 23 years of Crohn’s disease and enjoy a dynamic life of vibrant health and happiness. For more information about Annette and her classes, please see

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“Twenty-seven years after my natural healing of ulcerative colitis, from Annette I have learned many new postures and exercises which have enhanced my digestive function and corrected some aspects of my stretching and fitness routines which were unbalancing my physique and had me going to a chiropractor all too often. I now feel free of that; I can completely tone and tune up my body every day correctly at home–and it feels great!

“Annette has a deep knowledge of physiology and physical rehabilitation techniques, by which her students get great results. She understands our personal sensitivities, especially our need to go at a safe, comfortable pace. Her own health journey, from 23 years of Crohn’s disease to vibrant health with superb fitness and digestion, has been a great gift from which we can all learn plenty. Practicing along with Annette’s DVD is like studying with a friendly master who sincerely cares about our health and happiness. Annette’s students love her usually packed-full classes because she is so friendly, cheerful, intuitive, wise, nurturing, practical and effective.

“I highly recommend this DVD to all my clients and everyone who wants robust digestion, superb fitness and vibrant vitality in a body that feels great. If your gut is not working well, learn what you can do to correct it. Your life will blossom!”

Dr. David Klein
Director of the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center
Author of “Digestion Perfection”
Author of “Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s”

“I love the music! Flute music always calms my nervous system. It’s a huge plus is to have us lying down for the deep breathing exercise. I enjoyed the slow pace for staying with my breath and being present with my digestive system throughout. Nice long savasana to just be. This is a great video to do at the end of the day to totally unwind all of me. Thank you!”

Christina Lupia
New Mexico


“I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease over 20 years ago, and have been on Crohn’s medications for most of that time, yet still experienced many flare-ups with symptoms of intestinal bleeding, pain, cramping, urgency to use the bathroom, diarrhea, and constipation. I immediately started Dr. Klein’s Vegan Healing Diet and made the lifestyle changes he recommends, and gradually weaned myself off of the Crohn’s medication. I have been off the medication for over a month with minimal GI symptoms. Now I am transitioning to the Post-Healing Diet and am gradually adding new foods to my diet.
“I’ve used the Yoga for Digestion Perfection DVD a few times and I love it! I am amazed at the benefits I’ve already received from this DVD! Annette’s instructions are easy to follow and she imparts a calm, healing presence. I especially like the Deep Relaxation segment when Annette says positive affirmations to support digestive and overall health. Each time after I’ve used the DVD, I’ve felt a relaxed, healing sensation around my abdomen and throughout my body. In the past week, my level energy has increased, I’ve been able to do higher intensity workouts, my detoxification symptoms have diminished, and I’ve experienced a greater sense of general well-being. The DVD has been a great addition to my new healing regimen and now I finally have hope of completely healing myself of Crohn’s disease. Thank you for making it. I know it will help a lot of people. I highly recommend Dr. Klein’s healing program combined with this Yoga DVD for anyone with digestive issues.”

Serena Goldsmith


“This DVD is going to be my lifelong companion. It really helps to get rid of my tension from my heavy work load, even if I don’t have digestive problems. I have taken yoga lessons a couple of times in the past, but I haven’t been satisfied with any instructors. However, the moment I saw the Annette’s DVD, I knew I have found she is my ideal yoga Instructor! It is because Annette’s yoga is different from others I have known due to her healthy diet and lifestyle. Thank you so much for the DVD. I will enjoy it for many years to come.”

Mamiko Matsuda, Ph.D.


“Annette has us going. But, oh so gently. The DVD is lovely. Thank you.”

Joan & Philip Heiman